Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One more word from Canada...

A quote from the Canadian Judge....about the "gross misconduct" of the US....

"I recognize tht the collection of intelligence is of the highest importance in protecting and securing a nation from the dangers of terrorism. It must also be recognized that there will always be a tension, especially in troubled times, in the balancing of intelligence and security issues with cherished democratic values, such as the rule of law and protection from human rights violations. In civilized democracies, the rule of law must prevail over intelligence objectives. In this case, the sum of the human rights violations suffered by Khadr is both shocking and unjustifiable. Although Khadr may have possessed information of intelligence value, he is still entitled to the safeguards and benefit of the law, and not to arbitrary and illegal detention in a secret detention centre where he was subjected to physical abuse. The United States was the driving force behind Khadr's fourteen month detention in Pakistan, paying a $500,000 bounty for his apprehension. The United States intelligence agency [CIA] acted in concert with the ISI to delay consular access by DFAIT to Khadr for three months, contrary to the provisions of the Vienna Convention. The United States, contrary to Canada's wishes, pressured the ISI to delay Khadr's repatriation because of its dissatisfaction with Khadr being released without charge, even though there was no admissible evidence upon which to base charges at that time. In my view, given this gross misconduct, there cannot be a clearer case that warrants a stay."

meanwhile....younger brother's tribunal still set for next week

The DC circus court just denied the young Khadr's motion to stay the kangaroo tribunal.
ScotUS has more here.

Canada Refuses to Extradite Khadr's Brother to US

And why won't they extradite to the US? Because my country violates international law!
Abdullah Khadr is the older brother of Omar Khadr....We have been holding Omar at Guantanamo since he was 15 years old. The whole saga of our country holding this child for all of these years is outrageous and it is high time the Canadians fought to get him released....but they have a few problems of their own as Canada was complicit in the violations of international law...
Well, at least the brother goes free.
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