Monday, July 30, 2012


I have been a bit busy so I havent posted on all of the things going on- I will try to get to that later this week....but I could not let this pass without comment.
As I mentioned in earlier blogs the government (Obama administration) is trying once again to keep the lawyers out of Guantanamo-placing new restrictions on attorney visits. There are several judges hearing Guantanamo cases and lawyers for detainees have asked their individual judges to shut down the government's most recent attempts. As Lyle Denniston at ScotUS blog pointed out over the weekend the Government has now asked that one judge hear all of these challenges- and of course who do they pick? Judge Lamberth- the judge that announced at a public conference that he would be afraid to grant the habeas petition for any man at Guantanamo because that individual could be the one to blow up the capitol...When I moved to recuse Judge Lamberth in my clients case because of his clear bias- the government admitted that they had an ex parte conversation with the judge about discovery matters in my case.....after sitting on my motion for literally months he finally agreed to recuse himself. How appropriate that the government turns to its friend Lamberth in this matter too- but how shocking that at least some of the other judges appear willing to turn over their own cases to Lamberth to decide this important matter.