Thursday, May 6, 2010

And what happens when you report publicly available information?

This is a subject I know all too well...Last year a judge in Mr. al-Ghizzawi's case barred me (and only me) from talking about the fact that Mr. al-Ghizzawi had been cleared for release....despite the fact that the same information was available all over the internet and the Government itself cleared the information for public release. Today the kangaroo court down at Guantanamo has given the boot to some of the best reporters covering Guantanamo (including the Miami Herald's Carol Rosenberg) for publishing the name of interrogator no. 1 at the Khadr hearing today. Interrogator no. 1 is Joshua Klaus and since he has his own entry on wikipedia you can read more about him here.
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What happens when you take a seriously wounded 15 year old kid, throw in some racism, and add cultural exploitation?
That's my Government for ya......
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