Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama's Speech

Well I know I part with some in the civil rights area on my analysis of the Obama speech today but I think he is doing OK on this for now. Yes, my clients are still at Gitmo and Yes, I do not know when they will get the hell out of there but I think Obama is setting a good course and he is prioritizing and picking his fights.... and when you have more than half the democrats afraid of their own shadows I think he is choosing wisely. The only question in my mind is whether or not he can and will show the leadership necessary to follow through with what he is saying. Once we get the place closed and the vast majority of the men somewhere safer than Guantanamo we can deal with the other issues.
Well anyway, that is my take.

Judge Bates Defines the Government's Authority to Detain

Judge Bates is the judge in my client Al-Ghizzawi's case. In a thoughtful opinion Judge Bates defines the scope of the Government's Authority to detain the men whose cases are before him. Although I have not been happy with some of Judge Bates' rulings I am happy with this one. click on the title to read what ScotUS has to say and also for a link to the decision.

Gitmo Detainee Brought to NY to face charges

Last night the first Gitmo Detainee was brought to the US to face charges in NY where he was indicted. Some how I don't think New Yorkers are going to be shaking in their boots at the thought that this man is on US soil.