Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It is not just the military who is wondering how the skivies landed on a detainee in the isolation cell .... and it is not just the detainees who write poetry...
our very own habeas attorney Sabin Willett has entered the drama with his own questions and came up with this masterpiece...
(now if we can only get it set to music...)

Briefly Noted
By P. Sabin Willett

The Corpsmen wonder
What’s he got under?
And so they file a brief report.
Whereat the starch of camo rustles
-- Here strides he of massive muscles! --
Glowering, full of quick retort.
Loudly then the Sarge responds
“For Clive Stafford -- Double Wands!
None penetrates my sally port!”
“Aye aye, Sir!” says Corpsman wander
Stroking wand as ‘gain to ponder
(crouching ‘neath Clive’s legs asunder)
What’s this fearful Brit got under?

Away at JAGville, colonel’s striding,
One thought tormenting, one thought riding --
(Certain as he is, well knowing, knowing --
Clive’s got something, and it’s not showing!)
His mind aburn, afire, consumed
And so paces. Stops. (Pace resumed.)
Stride -- Stop -- Turn -- and stride again. Pace --He
Yet never can evade the thought. Is it lacy?

In his oaken keep the SG broods
No sense of confidence exudes.
“Daily he assaults our core beliefs
To Justice deals so many griefs!
That hugger mugger terr’ist-hugger
With his hugger-mugger briefs!”

So ruminating calls staff to brief him
“What mighty force, what untold vim,”
Demands he of the underlings,
“Lurks in Stafford’s underthings?
(None knows. Yet fear’s asowing --
The wretched Scotus granted cert
The wretched Kessler’s on alert
Is it -- this fell unknown -- is it growing?)

All quiet then. SG cries out
To staffers in that dark redoubt,
“It’s only safety that I seek
For all from all our desperate foes!
I need a clue, a hint, a little peek --
I need intel on the underclothes!”

And now its on the ‘serv and in the papers
Food for thinkers and for gapers
The question rages (all must know yet no-one knowing)
Clive’s got something, and it’s not showing!
And so we daily, nightly wonder
What’s Clive Stafford Smith got under?