Monday, June 15, 2015


One of the more frustrating aspects of representing detainees is not being able to tell them all of the details that we (the lawyers) are privy too- some of the information that we cannot share with our clients actually came from our clients in the first place. It is complicated and stupid but these are some of the rules that we had to agree to in representing our clients because the pentagon has classified everything that comes out of our client's mouth and it is a secret until it is unclassified.

Now it seems that CIA is allowing some of the men to actually talk about what happened to them-- not everything mind you....(as shown by all of the redactions in the Guantanamo Diary)  but some things that happened to detainees are coming to light -- whether this is an actual change in the rules needs to be further explored.

With this in mind take a look at this article in the Atlantic.

More on the CIA torture plan....

The Guardian has an interesting and disturbing article up on the CIA torture which also has been characterized as human experimentation.
First you should look at the CIA's policy on human experimentation (which is still in effect).
you can read that here.

Then go on to read the whole article at the Guardian, here.

"After reviewing the document, one watchdog said the timeline suggested the CIA manipulated basic definitions of human experimentation to ensure the torture program proceeded.
“Crime one was torture. The second crime was research without consent in order to say it wasn’t torture,” said Nathaniel Raymond, a former war-crimes investigator with Physicians for Human Rights and now a researcher with Harvard University’s Humanitarian Initiative."