Monday, April 16, 2007

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Candace's latest piece on Huffington Post discusses recent developments in her Libyan client, Al-Ghizzawi's sad story. Al-Ghizzawi has finally been allowed to see a doctor...but apparently the medical authorities at Guantánamo have no interest in treating his liver condition; the good doctor would only examine Al-Ghizzawi's leg. Mr. Al-Ghizzawi is despondent, his latest letter features this heart-breaking plea:

"Finally, I would like to ask from you the following: to request from the American Government to ship my body to Afghanistan, to my wife, so that I will be near her and my daughter and be buried there. If that was not possible, ask them to ship my body to my family in Libya. The important thing is that I won't be buried under any circumstance in Cuba."

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Candace in the Chronicle:

The San Francisco Chronicle picked up a recent article from In These Times, featuring a crucial correction; the ghoulies that guard 'Azkaban,' the dreaded prison of the Harry Potter series, are called 'dementors' and not 'tormentors.'

Some Odds & Ends:

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AP (via Miami Herald):
"Democratic hopefuls tutored on Guantánamo." Says John Edwards: 'The scandals of Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, and secret prisons have tarnished our moral standing and set a dangerous precedent for repressive regimes around the world ... The true tragedy is that -- as these military leaders make clear -- these steps have made us less safe, not safer."

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AP (Via Courier Post):
Patti Smith records song about former GTMO-detainee, Murat Kurnaz

Pocono Record:

Stop Torture Taxis Protest

Here is more footage of demonstrations against Aero Contractors, the North Carolina-based company employed by the CIA to fly "torture taxis" to and from black sites.