Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Medical Treatment For Al-Ghizzawi

(click on the title for the AP story)

In light of the news that Al-Ghizzawi is also suffering from AIDS and still not being treated I filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court monday afternoon...
asking that the Court order the military to treat him.
The application was turned over to Chief Justice Roberts as the original case hails from DC.
A few hours ago Justice Roberts denied the application.

So there you have it:

We kidnapped him in exchange for a bounty,
took him from his wife and daughter,
tortured him,
infected him with TB and HIV,
aggravated a preexisting exposure to Hepatitis B (that had shown no signs prior to his incarceration in our legal black hole)
and we have hidden him away in solitary confinement with no medical treatment.

The American courts don't care,
the American politicians don't care,
the American people don't care...

and the rest of the world looks on askance...
but doesn't want to step into the fray...

So what do I tell Al-Ghizzawi when I see him next month.... that is ...if he is still alive?