Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This, From Yemen on line..

There have been rumors of an agreement in the past so we don't know if this will turn out to be true or not:

YemenOnline- July 02, 2008- The United States of America has agreed to
extradite the Yemeni nationals who are being held without charge in
Guantanamo Bay. The prisoners held in the US controlled detention camp
will be returned to Yemen (about 100 Yemeni nationals). The release,
however, is conditional. The US has coordinated with the Minister of
Endowments and Guidance, Hamoud al-Hitar, to have rehabilitation
programs to discourage the former detainees from extremist Islam. The US
has acknowledged Yemen's success at rehabilitating suspected terrorists.
However, some say the inhumane hardships faced in Guantanamo Bay may be
difficult to erase from their psyche.

Several dozen Yemeni citizens were arrested by American forces and
detained in Guantanamo Bay for suspicion of terrorism. Some were and are
still being held for over six years with no trial and no charges. Their
cells are kept alight and at uncomfortable temperatures to deprive them
of sleep. They are barred from having lawyers but are subjected to
grueling interrogations. Allegations of physical torture are not
uncommon. Accounts of the desecration of the Koran are rampant. It would
be Hamoud al-Hitar's job to ensure that the extradited prisoners would
be able to recover from prison life and reestablish themselves in

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