Thursday, September 17, 2015

Detainee Transfer announcement

The Department of Defense announced today the repatriation of Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to the Government of Morocco.
 Mr. Chekkouri was a client of Reprieve and it has issued a press release raising concerns about Mr. Chekkouri's well being in Morocco. This suggests to me that he must have been released sometime earlier.
Reprive's statement can be found here.

The prison population stands at 115:  53 are cleared, 52 are awaiting clearance, and 10 are in the military commission system (of those, 7 are in “active” “trial” proceedings while 3 have been “convicted”).

Of the 53 cleared, 43 (81%) are Yemenis and 10 are non-Yemenis.

Of the 52 awaiting clearance, 24 are Yemenis and 28 are non-Yemenis.
h/o to Gitmo attorney Brian Foster for the stats...