Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yes, of course I must say something.
This law is another unconstitutional bill passed by our pathetic congress.
The fact that it is unconstitutional goes without saying... the same as the Military Commissions Act that was passed in 2006 to take away the writ of habeas corpus from the guantanamo prisoners... but what you should be asking yourselves is why is our congress intent on passing laws that it knows are unconstitutional?
If you are benevolent (which I am not) it is because they just don't want to deal with it and they would rather pass that particular buck on to our judiciary.
If you are less than benevolent (which I surely am) it is because they are complicit in the illegal shenanigans that have been going on in our name these many years... and they want more time to pass because... well, you know, Americans have alot of things on their collective minds.. like TV... and maybe we won't remember these illegal shenanigans next election time.
Sad part is... most Americans will not.
But to all of you who say you care...
you cannot be couch "carers" ... ok so I made up a god damn word....
you on the other hand have made up an excuse.
I got off my ass.
You have not.
sending emails does not change the course of a nation.
And you do not have to be a lawyer to make change.
Shame on all of you.


A little late but 4th of July greetings from our friends at Justinian (click on the title to read the entire piece):

Roger Fitch Esq • July 4, 2008

Our Man in Washington

Roger Fitch in Washington celebrates Independence Day with the latest talk on torture as Addington and Yoo front the House Judiciary Committee … No surprises in Roberts’ and Scalia’s dissents in the most recent habeas decision … The Bush-Chaney team have only 200 days left in which to wreak havoc

imageIf you believe The New York Times a debate is still raging over how much drowning is torture – particularly in the case of the “9/11” military commission defendant Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

According to the Times, KSM had a fairly rough trot:

“The intensity of his treatment – various harsh techniques, including waterboarding, used about 100 times over a period of two weeks – prompted worries that officers might have crossed the boundary into illegal torture.”