Thursday, June 26, 2008

Canadian Court holds Canada implicated in US torture of then 16 year old Khadr

A Canadian judge released another interesting decision in the Omar Khadr saga today. Pursuant to the Supreme Court of Canada's earlier order to disclose documents to Khadr's attorneys the Judge ordered Canada to give the lawyers a document which indicates that when Canadian agents went to gitmo to interrogate Khadr in Feb 2003, a US official at gitmo described certain treatment that they (the US officials) had inflicted on the 16 year old Khadr in order to "prepare" him for the Canadian interrogations. The judge then proceeded to find that this treatment constituted torture. The Judge went on to find that Canada is "implicated" in that torture since they continued with the interrogation despite knowledge that this torture had been inflicted. The Judge does not disclose what the treatment was, but he has ordered Canada to disclose the document to Khadr's attorneys.

So basically a judge has found that the US tortured Omar at Guantanamo when he was only 16.

Decision is here, interesting part starts at para 72 and continues to at least 88: