Monday, March 16, 2020

Speaking of the talking dog....(ie the author of Donald J Putin)

The Dog family arrived back from Spain shortly before the latest clusterfuck our criminal president started at airports--- causing crowds of people to wait in close quarters for hours on end so that they could be asked if they were in contact with any one that had the virus. Of course now they are all potentially infected.
And it has only been discussed below the radar but the reason that there has been no testing here is because our criminal president was trying to get his friends to develop a test (instead of using the WHO test) that could then be patented and they could of course make money. Of course his friends are as incompetent as he is and they couldn't get it together. Complete with actually contaminating the tests. (I'll provide the link later).
And our criminal president also tried to buy off a german company that is working on a vacine -- so that he could grab the vacine- use it only for the US and make big money.
So I leave you with some observations from the dog that he wrote yesterday -- yes, beware the ides of march.... or where is brutus when we need him? (I of course say that in jest but I do not say in jest that this criminal president should be tried for his crimes against all of us.)