Monday, April 5, 2021


 Some time in the last 60 days Camp 7 was closed. Camp 7 was the super secret prison at Guantanamo where the so-called "high value" detainees were held. High value of course took on new meaning for many of these men as they were never charged with a crime. But all were tortured. Tortured, over and over again. 

The 14 or so men who were all held at Camp 7 were moved to Camp 6. Camp 6 was the "new" prison built by a subsidiary of Haliburton circa 2007 (I will have to look up my notes to see if I have the year correct but it was around that time). Camp 6 and Camp 5 are adjoining structures and most of the rest of the men are held at Camp 5, unless they are given a time out for one reason or another, and then they would be moved over to Camp 6 as punishment. I will have more to say about the two prisons once this place is finally closed.

A short article about the move can be found here.