Monday, December 8, 2014

Preparing for the torture report....

Well I am not sure the summary (the full report is thousands of pages long and we will probably need a crowbar to get that released any time soon) will really be released tomorrow--but that is todays rumor. So, in preparing yourself I suggest you start with emptywheel's  "torture facts" for a little background.

WAR IS OVER.... (if you want it.....)

Well, keeping with all things Kafka that has surrounded Guantanamo let me place this in the hopper-- The U.S. and Nato held a ceremony today ending the "Afghan Mission." I wonder if the shooting will stop? I wonder if the drones will stop flying?  I wonder if that means they will let all of the prisoners of war go home?
Of course none of this will happen.

Read more here about this end of the war.

And of course the war really isn't over. They couldn't even announce the ceremony or have the ceremony on the day the war is really supposed to be over because of the ongoing violence--sometimes referred to as war.

And while you are thinking about the absurdity of this ceremonial end of the war watch this:

The war will only be over when we demand it be over.