Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yes, a new twist to "my dog ate my homework." In a recent court filing the government kind of admitted that it really didn't keep alot of the paperwork after it rushed into tribunals in 2004 to determine whether or not the detainees were "enemy combatants"..... now that they have been ordered to turn everything over .... well ok, not everything... but some things over to habeas counsel the government has been scrambling... and well we know how the courts hate to see the government break into a sweat so... the DC Circuit suggested to the government that maybe they should just conduct these tribunals again if they can't figure out which documents were actually generated the first time around...... hey great idea.... My client Mr. Al-GHizzawi who has been imprisoned for almost six years now has already had two tribunals... the first finding him NOT TO BE AN ENEMY COMBATANT.... the second hastily throw together to overturn the first... so why not wait another three years and do it all again. Maybe they can do the third one on the anniversary of his first.... November 23rd... oh wait, that is thanksgiving weekend isn't it.... and what is it exactly that we are thankful for this year?
Everytime we think it can't get much worse.... it does...