Tuesday, January 21, 2020

and speaking of war criminals...

I guess no surprises here.....
however, I was reminded that one of the men recently added to my sleazy president's legal team has quite a history with  war crimes himself..... Patrick Philbin has joined the president's impeachment "team" following his illustrious career in helping John Yoo in his rather incorrect opinion that Guantanamo was outside the jurisdiction of US federal courts.  If that bad advice was not enough he then went on to assist (now appellate judge) Jay Bybee in his notorious torture memo.
As I said, no surprises here.

Psychologists/war criminals to testify

The infamous psychologists James Mitchell and John Jessen will be testifying about the tortured they subjected several of the men at Guantanamo to. These men have already agreed to settle some of the claims against them for their torture. The issue is (or at least one of the issues is....) whether the men who were subjected to torture and provided statements while being tortured should have those statements used against them in proceedings in which they face the death penalty.
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h/o to John