Saturday, January 17, 2009

6 more leave Guantanamo- and Binyam may soon follow (last Iraqi accounted for..)

Bismullah left today.... as did one Algerian (sorry!) and four to Iraq.I had thought there was only one Iraqi left at Gitmo but it seems there were five left. Best guess is that the four really are Iraqis. Just learned that one of the Iraqis is Abas Rumi, isn 758 and the Algerian is (did I mention the Algerian?) Bashir Ghalaab, ISN 175. Iraqis: Ali Al Thaiy (ISN 111); Arkan Al Karim (ISN 653); and Hassan Abdul Said (ISN 435).
Binyam Mohamed also told his lawyers in a letter that he is being readied to leave. If you do not know the story about Binyam look him up on Andy Worthington's home page... an outrageous story... and now Bush and his pals are done with him and he can go home and try to heal.