Saturday, November 10, 2007


We had heard that Saudi Arabia was moving to get all of its remaining citizens out of Guantanamo by the end of the year... I have also learned that this is directly related to the death of one of its citizens at Guantanamo in May 2007... that man died of medical neglect... not by "apparent suicide" and the Saudi's have made a concerted effort to get their men out after that "incident". It seems only one of the men, number 14 below, was slated for release.
As to the person who asked why it takes so long for these countries to demand their men back I could only speculate...

1. Fahd Omar Abdulmajeed Al-Omari Al-Shareef - ISN 215

2. Yousef Muhammad Mubarak Al-Jubairi Al-Shehri - ISN 114

3. Fahd Sultan Obaid Al-Osaimi Al-Otaibi - ISN 130, I think (Faha Sultan)

4. Turki Mashoori Zayed Al Jibli Aseeri - ISN 185

5. Sultan Ahmed ibn Al-Dardeer Owaida - ISN 59

6. Nayef Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Nukhailan - ISN 258

7. Abdullah Abdulmueen Al-Wafi Al-Harbi - ISN 262

8. Muhammad Ateeq Owaidh Al-Awfi Al-Harbi - ISN 333

9. Saeed Ali Jabir Al Khaitham Al-Shihri - ISN 372

10. Hani Saeed Muhammad Al Khalf Al-Ghamdi - ISN 438

11. Khalid Saud Abdulrahman Al-Bawardi - ISN 68

12. Murtadha Ali Saeed Moqrim - ISN 187

13.Jabir Hasan Muhammad Al-Jabra Al-Qahtani - ISN 650

14. Zaid Muhammad Saad Al Husain Al-Ghamdi - ISN 50