Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I don't know if Latif's lawyers (and the rest of us) will ever learn the truth as to how he died but they sure as hell are putting up a good fight. The question remains, how could that man have taken his own life given the security at Guantanamo. And even if he did somehow manage to deceive the military and hoard some pills (extremely unlikely) the follow-up question is -if they in fact checked on him every two or three minutes why did not one of his guards notice him dying? all disturbing questions. Truth- out has more on this man's death.

and this addendum from one of Latif's attorneys, David Remes.

The government’s storyline—that Adnan smuggled medication into his cell and used it to kill himself—defies reason. There were too many hurdles in his path. Adnan was moved three times: from Camp 6 to the psych ward, then to the hospital, and finally to his cell in Camp 5, where he died. If ordinary procedures were followed, three guards escorted Adnan every step of the way. Adnan walked in handcuffs and leg chains attached to a waist chain. He was thoroughly searched at each transfer point. He was monitored in his cell by an overhead dome camera. Guards walked the corridor. His cell was frequently searched. As Jason and Jeff show, the SOPs for administering medication to detainees are designed to make hoarding virtually impossible. Given all these controls, it is hard to see how Adnan could have smuggled medication into his cell, much less kept and used it. The military’s theory does not add up and leaves the disturbing question whether the military placed extra medication in Adnan’s cell to facilitate his suicide.