Saturday, June 8, 2019

John Walker Lindh

John Walker Lindh is about to be --- or has been --- released from prison.
He never should have been imprisoned -- partly his conviction was to justify -(or hide) the torture that we subjected the men who were in, or around, our "war" zones.

If Obama had any strength of conviction he would have pardoned John long before the end of his presidency. Obaama was (and is) a coward and he did not.

I hope that one day I will gather the strength to discuss the plight of this man, but for now all I can say is:

John, I am sorry for how our country treated you. You will never be the same, nor will any US citizen who has been paying attention to what happened to you (and so many others). I hope as you move on in life you will work to change this country. That is really all we can do. Change it...or leave.

Leaving is the easy way out.

Let us both work to change things.

Read more about John here.