Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

When I watched this tape of the two released American hikers who were held in Iran for over two years...and I listened to their experience and treatment I could only think- change the name of the captors from Iranian to American and this could be my client or one of the many other innocent men held at Guantanamo ...except of course for the fact that most of the men at Guantanamo are getting ready to finish their tenth year in captivity. I guess it should be no surprise that the Iranians also noted the parallel. That our prisons at Guantanamo and elsewhere have given justification to the Iranians to hold these two men (and countless other political prisoners) in conditions as bad as we hold our political prisoners is but another national shame.
I am so very sorry for the treatment of these two men as I am so very sorry for the similar ongoing mistreatment given the innocent men at Guantanamo....
Watch the video and understand that these two American's tell the story of hundreds of the innocent men that my country is holding.

t/h to Walt.