Monday, October 27, 2008

Lawyer and Prisoner Boycott Proceedings

The military judge will not allow the lawyer to withdraw and the prisoner refuses to accept that the proceedings are little more than a farce and does not want counsel. So they are both sitting quietly during the proceedings... click on the title for more.


I regularly get emails from many of you asking what you can do to help me or my clients. I appreciate all of the requests but there has been little that people can do except protest and write letters... all of which are meaningless gestures in the Bush administration. But now there is something you can do if you live in the States and it is really the only thing that will result in getting my clients out of our gulag.
Vote... and take some days off of work to do volunteer work for the Obama campaign.
If you are a lawyer you can sign up to do election monitoring... you will get training if you step in fast (the training is this week and weekend). Lawyers are needed in many of the swing states. I have shut down my practice to focus on guantanamo... surely you can take a few days off and help make sure the election is fair?
If you are not a lawyer there is still lots of work. Take a few days off and volunteer in your nearest swing state (maybe it is your home state?) If you have a car and money for gas you can volunteer to drive people to the polls. If you have a telephone you can volunteer to make "get out the vote calls". And if you have neither they will still find work for you.
If Obama gets elected we will hold his feet to the fire to close Guantanamo quickly and won't you feel good knowing you had a part in this?
Thanks again... and I still may be calling on some of you to help so please know that I appreciate your efforts.