Monday, March 19, 2007

A Note on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Clearly, the administration's spin-doctors are using Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confessions to justify the Combatant Status Review Tribunal process.

Let us remember that Sheikh Mohammed's presence in Camp Delta has been a PR stunt since his (relatively recent) arrival with 13 other "high value" detainees during the legislative push for the Military Commissions Act.

As Captain Yee observes:

It became more clear that if our military and government had captured a legitimate terrorist suspect, they would not have been brought to Guantanamo Bay at all, but to the secret CIA black sites, that the President admitted existed when he transferred 14 so-called "high value" terrorist suspects to Guantanamo in September 2006 in order to get Congressional support for the Military Commissions Act after the Administration lost in its attempt to unilaterally impose military commissions of its own devising after the Hamdan case. Only at that time were any real terrorists possibly connected with September 11th brought to GTMO.

- Adrian Bleifuss Prados

More Tidbits:

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Spaniards march against Guantánamo.

British residents in limbo.

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- Adrian Bleifuss Prados