Sunday, September 8, 2013

And pass the word.....another WTF issue with Obama

So now the president wants to appoint an attorney to be a federal judge for a lifetime appointment who believes that our constitution is only for the powers to be...... the vote on her nomination came up rather quickly and is set for tomorrow.
Can we defeat her????
Please do your part if you can.

And Thank You Sweden....

I was pleased to see that artists in Stockholm put orange masks on many of that beautiful cities sculptures...ahead of Obama's visit to the city.
Obama can run but he can't hide.
View some of those sculptures here and here.

The secrecy at Guantanamo....

Truthout has an excellent article on the "secrecy" that surrounds everything Guantanamo- including the secret camp 7.

Update on the two released Algerians...

The men have been released on "parole" by the Algerian government. More here.

Meanwhile Nabil Hadjarab's attorney is working to get his client back  client back to France where his entire family resides. There are alot of you from France who visit this blog--please help Mr. Hadjarab return home.