Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lying Sacks of Sh*t

Yes, that would be the military. They are busy making shit up to explain the brutality it engaged in against a bunch of unarmed guys who haven't eaten in a few months. Emptywheel has done a good job of putting the lies all in one article- this is an excerpt:

Carol RosenbergRyan Reilly, and Charlie Savage have all posted their stories on the government’s attempt to make the raid on detainees sound better. (Except as noted, the quotes below come from Rosenberg.)
But the accounts only seem to make it worse. Start with the fact that two of the officers interviewed — Captain John and Lieutenant Hermoine (a pseudonym, according to Rosenberg) — refused to give their names to reporters.
Then there’s Colonel John Bogdan’s claim that, even though he watched the raid via video, no video of the raid exists. (Jim wrote about Bogdan here.)
The chief of the guard force, Army Col. John Bogdan, said he monitored the mission by video screen and radio but told reporters that no taped record existed of the skirmish to independent review what went on Saturday morning.
Given that the most seriously injured of the five detainees and four guards reportedly injured in the raid was a detainee who allegedly banged his own head against his cell, I find the claim of no video especially curious.


White House Petition

I am not very big on petitions- especially to that clown in the white house- but since they are so very close to the 100,000 mark and anything that could embarrass the white house is ok with me please take this as my invitation to you to sign this petition to shut the hell hole....
And thank you anonymous for posting the link....