Monday, January 11, 2021

The Talking Dog on the Guantanamo anniversary (link Fixed..)

 I always try to check in with the dog on this occasion. He does not disappoint...

Click here for his latest.

19 years and still counting

 As the 19th year of captivity for my client, Razak Ali, ends and he begins his 20th year I am looking at the events of these last few years with a new sense of outrage. Our criminal president has pardoned war criminals and yet we have held men (like Ali) for over 19 years without any charge ever being filed against them. Today 40 remain at our gulag. What has happened in my country did not just occur in these last four years -- although these last four years have definitely excelerated our fall. 

I have been preparing a post on how we have treated our war criminals compared to our duty under international law (not to mention our own domestic law) and how other countries (namely Australia) have treated their war criminals. I have been distracted by certain events but I will get back to that post.

 Meanwhile remember today - we started our republic's death march on this day in 2002.