Sunday, April 29, 2018

And this news from Witness Against Torture....

Former detainees in Senegal 

deported to Libya

Charlie Savage writes in the NY Times,

 "...a decision this month by Senegal 
to deport two former detainees to their
chaotic birth country of Libya has
 raised the prospect that the resettlement 
system is starting to collapse 
under President Trump. After a traumatic
 journey, the Libyans apparently 
fell into the hands of a hard-line 
 militia leader who has been accused 
of prisoner abuse — and then they 
 vanished."  Read his article here

WAT states: "The U.S. has the obligation

first and foremost to ensure that former
 prisoners are resettled without fear of 
additional retribution, and the decision 
to deport Khalifa back to Libya
 demonstrates a total and utter lack of
 commitment to prisoners it unjustly 
detained and whose lives remain