Saturday, June 28, 2008

21st anniversary of the Convention against torture

Click on the title to read a little more about Thursday's anniversary on cab drollery which also noted that Friday was the U.N. International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.
So how did I celebrate these particular milestones?
I watched the confirmation of charges at the Internatioal Criminal Court in The Hague against two accused war criminals from the Congo: Germain Katanga and Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui. As I listened to the horrific crimes these men are accused of masterminding I couldn't help but think of two other men who I hope will be siting in those same seats one day: Bush and Cheney. In fact Mr. Ngudjolo Chui often sat with that same dazed and cocky expression we often see on Bush's face and Mr. Katanga sat the whole time with a sneer on his face that rivals Cheney's permanent expression.
If you want to read more about these war criminals (the Congolese torturers not the US ones) paste the link below into your browser and follow the links on that page:

I will write more about my 3 months as a visiting professional at the International Criminal Court in the coming weeks, my visiting position ends on the 4th of July.