Sunday, November 15, 2009

Uighers in Palau

Click on the title for a transcript from the "Dateline" interview with the four Uighers who arrived in Palau earlier this month and their attorneys.

Government trying to cut plea deals

As the January deadline approaches for closing Guantanamo alot of us our wondering just what the heck is going on with this transparent government of ours? Only a handful of men have left the place since Obama became president...and many of those that have left can thank certain Judges who ordered their release, as opposed to the Obama administration. The vast majority of the men, some of whom have been cleared for release for literally years continue to sit and wait for something to happen. Now we learn from Dafna Linzer at Propublica that the Government is trying to cut plea deals with many of the men....even though they have little or no evidence of wrongdoing for those men. I guess it might make it look good to some if the men leave Gitmo having been found guilty of something... as opposed to the reality, that many of the men have sat there for all of these years despite the fact that we have no evidence of any wrongdoing.
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