Friday, January 8, 2016

Last Kuwaiti is released... Updated with latest statistics

The Department of Defense announced today the repatriation of Faez Mohammed Ahmed Al-Kandari from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to the government of the State of Kuwait.

Carol Rosenberg has more here.

Reflecting the repatration of Faiz al Kandari to Kuwait today.

The prison population now stands at 104: 45 are cleared, 49 are awaiting clearance, and 10 are in the military commission system (of those, 7 are in “active” “trial” proceedings while 3 have been “convicted”).

Of the 45 cleared, 37 (82.2%) are Yemenis and 9 are non-Yemenis.

Of the 49 awaiting clearance, 23 are Yemenis and 26 are non-Yemenis.

The PRB has approved for transfer 15 of the 18 detainees for whom it has issued decisions.  Eight detainees are officially in the PRB process and awaiting their first hearing or decision.  38 detainees are PRB-eligible but have not yet officially begun the process.  (For these purposes, a detainee is “officially in the PRB process” when he shows up on the PRB web page tracking individual detainees’ proceedings.)

as alwayts-- h/o to Brian Foster for the numbers