Friday, February 6, 2009


I got back from my latest trip to Guantanamo yesterday. Until my notes are "cleared" I cannot tell you what my clients said to me but I can tell you what I saw. I did see both of my clients. Mr. Razak Ali is doing ok, he is the one in camp 4 and therefore his living arrangement is not too difficult. But it has been 7 years since he was taken captive by us and even the good natured Razak has grown weary. Mr. Al-Ghizzawi looks awful. He can no longer read and he had a difficult time understanding my words. Not because of the language problem, he does speak english, but because his brain is not quite working the way it should. Two plus years of solitary confinement has been too much for this man. I will provide more of an update when my notes are cleared.

An Open Letter To Jeh Johnson

Jeh Johnson is the new General Counsel to the Department of Defense. Click on the title to read my letter to him.