Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Unfortuantely Al-Ghizzawi's saga is not the only travesty at guantanamo and so I point you to todays Story about the man who died of cancer at the base on or about December 30, 2007: Abdul Razzaq Hekmati.
Hekmati was an Afghani hero who fought against the russians and the taliban and even helped some current afghani government officials escape from a taliban prison... in return some taliban members duped the americans into thinking Hekmati was either taliban or al-queda... and off he went to guantanamo... Despite lots of real evidence that he was on the same side as us... he remained at guantanamo until his death and even in death the military continues to lie about who he was... calling him a "jihadist"
You can read the entire story on Andy Worthington's webpage by clicking on the title above... but I leave you with this.. Hekmati died of colon cancer... one of the slowest moving cancers... according to the military he complained of pains in September and died a few short months later... given Al-GHizzawi's years long request for medical care we know that the military ignored Hekmati's condition until it was too late to save him...


As per yesterdays post I filed an emergency motion with Judge Bates of the District Court yesterday morning. It was cleared for public filing late yesterday and if you click on the title you can see the actual motion without exhibits... The general consensus is that Justice Roberts denied my motion in the Supreme Court because he felt I had relief available in the lower courts...I am testing that hypothesis.