Wednesday, April 16, 2008



Below is an excerpt from remarks delivered by Hillary Clinton at the Associated Press Annual Meeting :

"Fourth, because government abuse is checked by the separation of powers, I will restore respect for our coequal branches of government.

I'll start by limiting the excessive executive powers this president has accumulated, like the unilateral power to wiretap or to detain and try people, even American citizens.

I will work with Congress again as a partner to solve problems. I'll end the use of signing statements to rewrite the laws that Congress has passed. I'll shut down Guantanamo, disavow torture and restore the right of habeas corpus."

On Slate Today

Thanks to Jonathan Hafetz at the Brennan Center for this piece on Al-Ghizzawi. "More Hypocrisy at Guantanamo."

"Even as criticism of Guantánamo mounts, Guantánamo’s underlying hypocrisy endures. That hypocrisy manifested itself again last week in a little-noticed decision by Washington, D.C. District Judge John D. Bates. The decision involves Abdul Hamid Abdul Salam al-Ghizzawi, a Libyan citizen transferred to the base in 2002 after, he alleges, Afghan warlords sold him for bounty. Like the hundreds of other Guantánamo detainees held as “enemy combatants” al-Ghizzawi has never received a hearing on his habeas corpus application. In a recent filing, he complained that the government was refusing to provide him with adequate medical care and had denied him treatment for a severe liver condition that was jeopardizing his health."

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