Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Abu Zubaydah's Eye.....

There are so many sad and infuriating situations at Guantanamo and Abu Z. is one of them. This is the man that was water boarded almost 100 times because my government thought he was Al-Qaeda and thought he had information. Oops on that one- he was not al-queda- and he had no valuable information. But he was tortured to the point that the torturers were afraid they could be held liable if Abu Z. was ever set free and allowed to talk freely about what he had been subjected to. The torturers were assured at the highest levels of my government that Abu Z. would never be set free.... so far those assurances have held.

In addition to all of the torture techniques that were utilized on Abu Z. during those two + years of extreme torture (not to be confused with the day to day torture of being held in isolation at Guantanamo) Abu Z. lost one of his eyes. We still do not know when or how this happened-- although this statement from war criminal John Yoo may explain what happened:

"In 2003, John Yoo, then a senior lawyer at the Justice Department, wrote a memo, now declassified, in which he said that “to put out or destroy an eye” could be legal as long as no specific intent to cause the prisoner severe pain could be proved."

The fact that this man (John Yoo) is teaching young lawyers instead of sitting in a prison cell is appalling. 
Anyway, read the rest of this article discussing the treatment of Abu Z and the lingering questions about his missing eye. HERE. Abu Z needs to be moved out of Guantanamo and to a safe haven.
(and the slimebag Yoo needs to be moved from his safe haven to a place less hospitable.)