Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reading Harry Potter in Guantánamo

Check out Candace's latest article in In These Times:
The prisoners at Guantánamo Bay—or Azkaban, as one of my clients, a Harry Potter fan, calls it—have had no access to a hearing in a court of law. Instead, Guantánamo’s inmates are subjected to two kangaroo procedures: Combatant Status Review Tribunals (CSRTs) and Administrative Review Boards (ARBs)... READ MORE.

More recent editorials:

The Philadelphia Inquirer:
"Justice is Painfully Slow"

The Nation (Kenya):
"Africa: Guantanamo is an Affront to Freedom And Justice"

Khaleej Times (UAE):
"The Guantanamo offence"

Miami Herald:
"Secrecy, coercion, torture: This is legal?"

ACLU Responds to Hunger Strike Revelations:

"This is a prime example of why Guantanamo Bay must close. These people are being held without charge in horrific conditions that violate the traditional American value of due process. The Defense Department admits that only several dozen of the nearly 400 prisoners being detained there will ever face charges"... READ MORE.

Jim Webb Calls for Closing Guantánamo

Associated Press via Fox:

Virginia Senator Jim Webb has called on the Bush administration to close down the Guantánamo Bay detention facilities.

Said Webb, "We can't just continue to hold people in limbo without charges for this period of time and still call ourselves Americans"... READ MORE.

The Globe Gets it Right

Today's editorial in the Boston Globe:

AS PRESIDENT Bush purports to export democracy to Iraq and other nations, he continues to deny it at home. He gained the support this week of six Supreme Court justices, who refused to hear the appeals of 45 detainees at the Guantanamo prison in Cuba. Each of the 45 has been held prisoner for more than five years without a criminal charge, and without legal protections that have been treasured by Americans as fundamental for 215 years ... READ MORE.