Thursday, April 7, 2016

oh man, shades of Cully!

Most of you probably don't remember Cully Simpson. I wrote aobut him many years ago here. The short version is that he thought that the attorneys who were representing men at Guantanamo should be attacked and the clients of the big law firms (phew, I escaped that one....) should be put on notice that their attorneys are representing "those people." Poor Cully went down in flames and was forced to resign. He has even reinvented himself of late as some sort of voice of reason regarding the detainees.

Now comes his predecessor..... Douglas Fahl. A county judge from Indiana and a reservist who has been called up for duty. So where is he being sent? To Guantanamo of course--- because the military needs a big strong man to set the record straight and keep these dangerous people at Guantanamo forever--- to keep us American's safe. SIGH.

According to Fahl " “I’ve seen what these guys are capable of doing on the battlefield. It’s always difficult to leave my family for a deployment, but I am honored to be chosen to use my legal skills to make sure these dangerous men don’t return to the battlefield to kill American soldiers or innocent civilians.”

I for one feel alot safer now. LOL. I wonder what poor Fahl will do when he discovers that more than 90% of the men were never near a battlefield. Well the good news is he has already figured out his game plan. According to Fahl,  “GITMO has been described to me as the tip of the spear for legal warfare.” 

Oh man, "legal warfare." 
As I said at the top of this piece--- shades of Cully Simpson--- may Fahl go down in flames as quickly as Cully so that we can all get back to the business of shutting the place down.