Saturday, February 6, 2016


Thanks to continuing lawsuits by the ACLU the torture photo's continue to be released-- bit by bit. Read more here and view the 198 new photos if you care to.

As explained in this Huffington Post:

The images released Friday are mostly closeup pictures of cuts, scars, or bruises on unidentified men. Some show prisoners handcuffed. In most images, the Pentagon redacted identifying features, such as prisoners’ eyes, but also blacked out parts of their bodies that do not appear to be identifying. In one image, one of a prisoner's eyes is visible, but his nose is blacked out. The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a question asking for an explanation for the apparently excessive redactions.

For some reason the military seems to think that by showing us these close ups we will not understand the whole picture. I actually think these close ups are a very good guide as to what my country did to these (mostly) men and provides even more conclusive proof that war crimes were committed.

The ACLU also has put together a Torture Database containing over 100,000 pages of evidence that the ACLU obtained through various lawsuits which clearly documents the abuse and torture implemented by the military.

If you have not already you should donate to the ACLU so they can continue this important work.