Thursday, August 18, 2011


First is another good article from Jeff Kaye on water torture and Rumsfeld:

The second is an article in Esquire about the unfortunate Mr. Noor Uthman- AKA ISN 707-a man who pled guilty a month or so ago in the military commission-the only way out of Guantanamo these days.... and is now serving his 34 months for providing meals at a camp unconnected with either the Taliban or al-Qaeda and which closed in 1999 when the camp refused to be connected with Osama Bin Laden. Poor Mr. Uthman, like my client Razak Ali, had the misfortune of being in a guesthouse in Pakistan that was raided in March 2002- and like my client Noor has not been shown to have any connection to any illegal activities that may or may not have been going on upstairs in that house (although the article suggests certain bomb making capabilities were taking place at the house other evidence suggests that nothing was going on at the house.) It is a long article but worth the read.