Sunday, April 14, 2013

The International Red Cross admits its concern

Although normally the ICRC refrains from making any comments about its work at Guantanamo but the statement issued saturday claiming they are continuing to monitor things at the base "with concern" suggests things are as bleak as we have been guessing. Of course the big bad military waited until the ICRC left before it engaged in its latest brutal tactics and it is my hope that the delegation turns around and heads right back to the base before the deaths start.
Jim White over at emptywheel has a nice update on what we know now- including the improvised "weapons" that the men supposedly used when being roughed up by the military yesterday which included mops, brooms and empty water bottles wrapped in towels...seems like a threat to me! I guess we are lucky that the men were not shot and killed in response to the threat imposed on our military....

Talking Dog interviews Michael Mone

Another great interview- as you will read in this interview one of Michael's clients was released to Ireland back around the same time my client was released to Georgia- I had to laugh at the time when one of the first things offered to the men released to Ireland was cooking lessons- being of Irish descent I can tell you that the Irish have never been known for their culinary abilities- but all joking aside that was one of the many thoughtful things done for the men to make sure they could live independently.
Read the interview here.