Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inch by Inch....

Binyon Mohamed is a British resident who was held by the US at various black sites until transferred to Guantanamo. The torture he was subjected to included having a razor blade taken to his penis. He was released from Guantanamo and returned back to Britain in 2008. Binyon charged that the British Government was complicit in his torture and sought documentation that the American Govcrnment provided to the Brits regarding his torture. The British Government did not want to turn that information over. Today it was forced to release a summary (which shows that the US was threatening Binyon with sending him back to those who cut up his penis). British Foreign Secretary David Milliband made the following statement today to the house of commons. Also check out Jim Whites article on FDL pointing out that the language used by the British high court including that key phrase in describing the conduct of the US as "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment." That language parallels the language in the Convention against Torture, signed by that left wing president, Ronnie Reagan... Seems we have been formally accused of violating that little law and we are required to do an investigation... Don't hold your breath.

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