Saturday, July 6, 2013


My country has become a frightening place to live. Not just the obvious that all of you see- Guantanamo- the surveillance- the endless wars – but it’s the other things that are not quite as visible to the outside world- the dumbing down of the American people that started with Reagan more than thirty years ago- cutting education funding and social benefits. It was a rare sight when I was a teenager to see anyone on the street begging for food and money- now it is a rare sight to go more than 100 feet in almost every city in this country and not see people begging for food and money. More than two and a half million people are in prisons in this country- far too many of them are not guilty of the crimes that landed them in prison but because our justice system is so corrupt people end up pleading guilty for crimes they did not commit because of the fear of the sentence if they are found guilty. The quest to convict and to maintain those convictions by our police and by our prosecutors has turned the police and prosecutors into criminals- hiding evidence- hiding witnesses- lying to the courts.
This brings me to the person who should be hailed as an American Patriot-Edward Snowden- when I saw that his legal counsel was none other than former Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon I just smiled. As tough a battle as this is and will be-Snowden is in good hands. Snowden unveiled- for the world to see- my government’s illegal activities on a grand scale. My government is not only involved in illegal activity on U.S. soil but around the globe. My government is the traitor against the people of the United States and the world and to hide its own illegal activities it has gone viral over the whistleblower.  So Mr. Snowden, thank you for your sacrifice. I hope it is not in vein.