Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Donald J. Putin -- The Book--- A MUST READ!

Our very own Talking Dog now brings us the ultimate book:

Donald J. Putin on American Exceptionalism is THE book the government does not want you to read! If the government actually cared what you read, of course.

Twitter phenomenon (and Brooklyn’s own) Donald J. Putin brings you a satiric (or is it?) composite of the collective knowledge of the current American and Russian presidents (who may, or may not, actually be two people) in a sprawling manifesto that dives right into the issues facing Americans, and answers many of the questions that you have been staring at the ceiling pondering at 3:00 a.m.

● Why are Americans so depressed all the time? (And if you aren’t depressed, there is probably something wrong with you, because you should be.)

● Should we be looking for a new place to live? (Does anyone on the planet still like us enough to let us in? And can we get health care there?)

● If our food sucks so badly, why is it making us so damned fat?

● How come I haven’t had a vacation in so long?

Get the book here.