Saturday, May 2, 2015

From Roger Fitch and our Friends Down Under at Justinian

Being droned to death

Show us the kill-list criteria ... New US attorney general needs to fix the FBI ... $4 million investment in judicial election paid off handsomely for litigant ... CIA whistleblower convicted ... Carrying a concealed gun is a "lifestyle" ... Fitch fails to snag a seat at crowded US Supremes same sex marriage hearing 
"It turns out I'm pretty good at killing people."– Barack Obama, in a light-hearted aside
NY Times headline, "First Evidence of a Blunder in Drone Strike", is old news.
The announcement was unsurprising, as thePentagon admits it doesn't always know who it's killing. 
More here.  
President Obama's death-by-drone policy continues to attract critics, e.g. Germans unhappy to hear it's coordinated through Ramstein AFB, one of many American enclaves still embedded in Germany 70 years after the war ended. 
Drone assassinations can still be averted by capture, as a lucky Texan discovered.  
Muhanad al Farekh was fortunate to be kidnapped in Pakistan and (irregularly) extradited to the US - he's been nominated for drone-death since 2013.
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Meanwhile, there's a new ACLU lawsuit seeking "kill-list" criteria.