Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today a New York jury convicted a former detainee from Guantanamo of one count of conspiracy...dismissing some 180 other counts. Does this mean our judicial system should be thrown away...for not convicting a man that was tortured and framed? Or does it mean that there is still hope for our system despite the fear mongers and those that would like to see us use military law whenever the word "terrorist" is thrown out there.... ? The jury is still out on that question and I for one will not hold my breath.
I will only say that the framers of our constitution understood quite well what happens when there is no system of justice and they worked quite hard to frame a system that insured the independence of the judiciary. Unfortunately some in our judiciary have been the worst advocates for maintaining that system as they seek "guidance" and "direction" from the politicians as to how to do their job. Shame on them....
But heartfelt thanks to the New York Jury....this was a difficult case because of all of the pressure by the pundits..... and you made those of us who care about our judicial system proud.
New Yorks own talking dog has this to say about the verdict.