Saturday, February 2, 2008


According to news reports late yesterday (click on title) the military has "reviewed" medical records and announced that no one has AIDS at the base and no one has ever had AIDS at the base. This is of course the same military that claimed that the 800 men it was holding were the "worst of the worst"... now there are only 275 still being held... many of those men long cleared for release and the world (at least that part of the world that is awake) knows that the vast majority of the men are innocent civilians. So to say that the military's credibility isn't the greatest would be a bit of an understatement?
But this statement by the military leads me to ask two important questions....
First why didn't the military's mouth piece (the DOJ attorney assigned to the case) tell me that Al-Ghizzawi was AIDS free? When I posed the question to Mr. Warden (his real name!) he took a day and a half to respond and then his response was a refusal to deny... claiming "We are not privy to the particulars of what your client may have been told by his doctor, if anything,....." (he then went on to tout the great medical practices of this hell hole where my client lies dying...) (I actually did a follow up email telling him to make himself privy... but like most attempts to have a reasonable exchange of information with the DOJ regarding guantanamo, my request was ignored...)
Second, If Al-Ghizzawi does not have AIDS why the hell did a doctor at the base tell this very very ill man that he does have AIDS? Is this a new form of psychological torture at the base? Are they telling him that he has AIDS and that they won't give him life saving medical treatment unless or until he agrees to some false confession?
Until I have Al-Ghizzawi's complete medical records in the hands of a competent doctor I will not believe a word I hear from this deceptive exectutive branch and its military.