Friday, April 13, 2007

Filing court papers, guantanamo style

It is fair to say that I posted this latest article on because of the frustration of having to go thru these annoying procedures everytime we file anything. .. But as I was sitting around stewing over the fact that I had to get a copy of my last filing from my opposing counsel I realized that it was also important to make a record of all of these procedures for the future... I guess that is the lawyer in me!

Filing Court Papers, Guantanamo Style

Yes, I know the government claims that there are big bad secrets in many of the documents that only we attorneys get to see and that the government needs to keep those documents out of the public eye (and if you ever get to see the documents you will know why!). Yes, there are lots of bad things in the documents that the government wants to keep a secret, but the bad things are what our government and military has done to these men. This is not about national security, this is about national shame.
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