Saturday, December 14, 2013


As I mentioned here my client's habeas appeal was denied about 10 days ago in a rather frustrating opinion by the DC Circuit--frustrating not only because of the misstatements of fact in the opinion itself-- but also because the appellate court continues to refuse to provide a serious look at the Guantanamo habeas cases. They have denied every single habeas appeal. Linda Greenhouse provides that serious look here in this op-ed. Thank you Linda Greenhouse for explaining so eloquently why everyone in this country should care about my client... and the other men at Guantanamo.

75 Gitmo detainees hold hunger strike

Hot on the heels of the military's decision not to further discuss hunger strikes at Guantanamo with the media word has leaked out that at least 75 of the men are currently on a hunger strike. I would quote the only article that I have seen about the latest hunger strike but it only contains military propaganda....word has been leaking out for the last week or so that the hunger strike was back in full swing and that the strike is most likely related to Obama sending the two men back to Algeria who had legitimate fears of going back to that country. The fact that the military is acknowledging that 75 of the men are engaged in the hunger strike probably means that most of the 162 remaining prisoners are participating. When I have more information I will update.