Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TWO "RELEASED" 17 ORDERED FREE (updated with Order)

Over the weekend two men were released: Mammar Ameur, 939, an Algerian and Mustafa Ibrahim, 719, from the Sudan. I know that Mustafa was not cleared for release but I do not have the details on Mammar. Mustafa had been held in camp 4.

More importantly a judge today ordered 17 men, all Uighers, to be released into the US. These men, like my client Mr. Al-Ghizzawi should never have been held at Guantanamo after being found not to be enemy combatants back in 2004.

Here is his order:
Docket Text:
Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Ricardo M. Urbina: Motion Hearing held on 10/7/2008. Motion [133] for judgment on 5 Detainees' Habeas Petition Order Release Into the Continental United States, heard and GRANTED; Motion [134] for Immediate Release on Parole Into the Continental United States Pending Final Judgment DENIED as MOOT; and Motion [172] for Immediate Release on Parole Into the Continental United States Pending Final Judgment and for Final Judgment on Their Habeas Petitions by the remaining detainees DENIED as to the first part and GRANTED as to the second part. Oral Motion by Defendant for a Stay of the Court's decision pending review and to seek an appeal, heard and DENIED. Oral Motion by Defendant for one (1) Week Administrative Stay, heard and DENIED. Court rules that the Uighurs Detainees be released into the United States and brought to this Court on Friday, October 10, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. A Hearing regarding conditions of their release is scheduled for 10/16/2008, at 2:00 p.m. The Court directs that a representative of Homeland Security be present for the hearing scheduled on Friday, October 16, 2008. (Court Reporter Catalina Kerr.) (jwd )

Like Mr. Al-Ghizzawi the petitioners and two or three other men were all reclassified as enemy combatants thanks to Matthew Waxman, now a professor at Columbia law school, so that our government could avoid the embarrassment of admitting it was holding "non enemies."

A hardy congratulations to the Bingham team for their hard work. Now it is time to get Mr. Al-Ghizzawi out of that hell hole.