Thursday, January 22, 2009

John Bellinger should be tried as a war criminal

John Bellinger is now traveling through Europe and attempting to rewrite history a common practice for those that were in the Bush administration. Bellinger who was the State Department's point person on Guantanamo was (and most likely still is) an arrogant liar. I do not say that lightly. He is on my list of individuals from the Bush administration that should be tried as war criminals. Bellinger's attempts to rewrite history will not succeed as I and others will be following close behind to set the record straight. I wrote a letter to the International Herald Tribune challenging Bellinger's claims regarding the efforts of the Bush administration to find countries in Europe to help settle detainees that could not return to their home country. The Tribune declined to publish my letter so I share it with all of you.
click on the title to read the letter.

The Executive Order.... and what it might mean

Click on the title to read the executive order. I don't believe Obama has signed it yet but there it is.
The most important part of this order is that the President is ordering that the men be treated humanely until such time as a complete review of their situation can be undertaken and it can be figured out whether or not they should be released or moved to the US for trial. I expect this will mean the immediate closing of camp's 5 and 6.
I have reason to hope that Mr. Al-Ghizzawi has been moved out of camp 6 already. Unfortunately his letter to me has been classified and I cannot read it without going to DC. I will explain more about this latest fiasco after I finish fighting my way up the new chain of command.